Yvonne Mutsaerts


Yvonne Mutsaerts (2016)
Yvonne Mutsaerts (2016)

Born: 24.11.1948

Tilburg, The Netherlands

In 1990, during the centenary Van Gogh Year, Yvonne Mutsaerts won the national “Van Gogh Prize”. Forthwith she received many commissions and began to exhibit her work.

Originally self-taught, Yvonne Mutsaerts completed the Art Academy at Arendonk, Belgium, with special honours for both her figurative and non- figurative work (painting).

Previous to her academic years she was already producing colourful and expressive paintings mainly on a large scale format.

1993-1998                    Painting – Arendonk, Belgium

1999-2000                   Sculpture – Arendonk, Belgium

2001- 2006                  Graphics – Arendonk, Belgium



Yvonne Mutsaerts has exhibited her work for example in Breda, Oosterhout, Amsterdam, Tilburg, Rosmalen, Castle Zeist, Veghel and Vence (France). She has also taken part in various exhibitions throughout the country.


Yvonne Mutsaerts in her studio
Yvonne Mutsaerts in her studio